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HINE Wind Tools: Hydraulic Pitch Pump

HINE´s range of Wind Tools includes hydraulic pitch pumps, tools used to drive the blade pitch
cylinders during operations such as blade installation when the turbines are de-energized.
At HINE Group we develop and manufacture our hydraulic pitch pumps in cooperation with
wind turbine manufacturers and installation companies to guarantee our customers precise
and easy to use hydraulic pitch pumps.

Our hydraulic pitch pumps are distinguished by a number of unique features that make them
even more competitive, such as: a switch on the front for electrical operation, the possibility of
work by remote control or quick connection systems included.

Our pitch pumps are available in different sizes and efficiency types and can be adapted to the
needs and installation procedures of our customers.
In addition, we offer solutions for the entire service life of the pump, from development and
manufacture to maintenance. This has enabled us to deliver more than 1,000 hydraulic pitch
pumps globally.

We invite you to watch the following video and learn more about our hydraulic pitch pump:

And if you prefer, you can also watch it in our AR+ App: Hine Wind Tools.

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